About Us

Long-term care is not the most pleasant of subjects. Few look forward to the inevitability of growing older, and even fewer wish to face the reality that he or his loved ones may eventually require care. However, the authors of this website have lived through family members who have grown older and needed long-term care, and we can assure you that the process is far better for everyone involved when you plan appropriately. One option for dealing with the costs of long-term care is to purchase insurance; in fact, one of the authors worked in the LTC insurance industry for years and helped direct consumers toward appropriate policies.

The authors are no longer involved with the long-term care insurance industry, but we did notice a lack of free, practical advice to help Americans plan for long-term care. Using our experience and expertise, we put together LongTermCareInsuranceRates.org to help fill this void. We hope that the information that we’ve provided to you is helpful, and, as individuals who are still helping to care for loved ones, we want to assure you that the process is not as scary as you may assume.

If you have comments, feedback, or advice, you can contact us at this address – info@longtermcareinsurancerates.org. We look forward to hearing from you!