Consumer Checklists

A Simple Process for Long-Term Care Planning

If you’re anything like us, it’s difficult to know how to start planning for long-term care. There’s a lot to learn, both about the process in general and yourself specifically. You will have many questions to answer as you develop your plan. To help make things a bit easier for you, we’ve created these simple but detailed checklists. Feel free to print them, mark them up, and record your progress.

The Checklists

Here’s what we’ve written so far. Keep checking in with us, as we plan to continue writing and released these guides to help you along in your journey.

1. Creating a Long-Term Care Plan

This checklist was created to help you formally prepare for long-term care. It’s mostly focused on how to pay for care and compares the pros and cons of different options. These include long-term care insurance, health insurance, and more.

2. Creating a Plan to Care for a Loved One

This checklist was created to help you prepare a loved one for LTC. It’s focused on the basic questions that we all need to ask at the beginning of the process, along with tips and suggestions at each step of the way. ┬áIf you have no idea where to start, this checklist should help put you on solid footing.